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((ok though who here is a PL rp blogger because i need some rp blogs to follow and im too scared to go out looking for them myself and wouldn’t really know where to look for them so if ur gay pl rp’er pls tell me))

Professor Layton Vore

clivies replied to your post: “is anyone even going to solve that puzzle who knows”:

she sweetened the tea before the waiter took it away and when the waiter came back she noticed the new cup of tea was already sweetened ??!?!/?!////

The woman had already sweetened her tea with sugar cubes, and tasted it, tasting the sugar! 

Looks like she’ll never be getting tea from there again….How sad.

Hello everyone! I am Randall Ascot and I’m happy to be starting up this blog to talk to others around me! (Any takers to speak about archaeology? puzzles?) I am embarrassingly getting ready a bit late… But that’s alright I think. 

Hey…while I’m getting ready, how about a puzzle?

Puzzle 001

Time for Tea

A woman goes out one day to her favorite cafe for tea. She soon was horrified to find out a fly was in her cup. Asking for a new one, the waiter had come back and gave her a new cup of tea. But, she then shouted “You brought me the same one!” How did she know?

tumblrbot whispered: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

I always love to learn about dinosaurs! They are the worlds first creatures of this earth…how could you not be interesting with the findings they left behind?